Human Rights Film Festival






Human Rights Film Festival

Implementation period: 2014-2016

Donor / Partner: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, British Embassy in Chișinău and OHCHR

Budget (EUR) in 2016: 26,500.00 

About the Festival:

Between 2 and 8 Dec 2016, the Moldovan Human Rights Institute (IDOM) organized the Human Rights Film Festival. This year, the Festival was back with the slogan “Know Your Rights Through Film,” calling the Moldovan public to reflect on their rights through film. Throughout the Festival, 18 short documentaries produced in Moldova and 39 international productions were screened.

The festival lasted seven days and seven human rights areas proposed for discussion: the right to freedom of expression, the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS, medical malpractice and violation of patient rights, human rights in transition societies, domestic violence as well as diversity and non-discrimination.








Mobile Film School for Persons with Disabilities

Between 2 and 8 December 2016, the Moldovan Human Rights Institute (IDOM) organized a Mobile Film School with the motto: “I know the solution to my problem!” The event was held as part of the fifth edition of the Human Rights Film Festival.

The main objective of this project was to promote respect for human rights and freedom in Moldova, enhance the level of familiarization and awareness of the society about the problems faced by the persons with disabilities, through the films produced at the Mobile Film School.

The project was aimed at persons with special needs who have reached the age of 16.

The event was attended by nine persons with disabilities, of whom three persons with locomotor disabilities, two persons with mental disabilities, two persons with sight impairments, and two persons  with hearing impairments. The participants were guided through shooting and editing their own videos, filmed using a mobile telephone.

The Mobile Film School fully covered the filming equipment needs. For a number of days, three accredited trainers trained the participants in script-writing, general filming rules, editing sound techniques, and ways to promote the finished product. The participants quickly became producers of films in which they speak about their actual problems and the challenges they face in their daily life in society.

The films produced by the Mobile Film School participants were screened at the Human Rights Film Festival Gala.

The screenings were accompanied by topical discussions, thus offering the audience a platform of communication with relevant human rights specialists and experts, lawyers and civil servants, representatives of the Government and of civil society. At the end, the participants were awarded prizes and given presents, and they were overcome with emotion.

This event was organized with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Chişinău, United Nations, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Romania, British Embassy in Chișinău, US Embassy Moldova, Freedom House, and other local partners.