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Founded on 2007, the Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM) is a non-profit institution, made up of professionals who promote and defend human rights through monitoring and reporting, training, awareness raising, strategic litigation and promotion of human rights standards in policies and legislation.

IDOM is the non-governmental organization that monitors the respect for the rights of persons held in remand facilities, in psychiatric hospitals, and in psycho-neurological boarding houses. Hence, it protects the victims of torture and of inhuman and degrading treatment, and ensures that human dignity is respected and harnessed.

For 15 years, IDOM lawyers have helped many people with psychosocial disabilities recover their legal capacity, thus giving them the opportunity to live a fulfilled and independent life, in conditions of dignity and equality with all. In addition, we have started many lawsuits for the recovery of the property of persons with intellectual/psychosocial disabilities of which they had been deprived upon institutionalization and loss of legal capacity. In October 2018, upon IDOM’s referral, the Constitutional Court declared as unconstitutional article 13 para. (1) letter b) of the Election Code that provided that the persons with mental disabilities, declared incapacitated, were not entitled to vote. Now, as a result, the persons with intellectual/psychosocial disabilities may vote equally with the others.

Our beneficiaries are vulnerable persons, for instance, people living with TBC, persons with intellectual/psychosocial impairments, victims of torture or inhuman treatment, held in police custody, as well as victims of medical malpractice. Whether such persons are able to enjoy a sufficient level of protection depends on our help.

To make an input to IDOM’s work, you can go to your territorial tax office, fill in the Declaration CET15 and indicate IDOM’ tax code – 1016620000929 – which will ensure that the state directs 2% of the income tax paid by you to the protection of the rights of the persons listed above.

Thank you for contributing to defending human dignity in our society!

Respectfully yours, IDOM team

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