Strengthening Capacities of Beneficiaries In View of Reducing Ill Treatment, Abuse and Discrimination against Them

The Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM), thanks to the financial support provided by Sweden, carries out monitoring of the respect for the rights of persons with mental and intellectual disabilities held in psychiatric facilities as well as trainings and strategic litigation activities.

On 23 May 2019 and on 30–31 May 2019, the IDOM lawyers Alexandru Cebanaș, Valerian Mămăligă and Andrei Lungu held four trainings (of several hours) for the beneficiaries of Temporary Placement Centers for Persons with Disabilities of Hîncești, Bălți, Bădiceni and Brînzeni in view of preventing torture and reducing ill treatment, abuse and discrimination against them.

The need for carrying out activities for the prevention of ill treatment came about as a result of the successful implementation of the pilot workshop organized last year by IDOM in cooperation with the General Prosecutor’s Office. In this sense, the director of the Temporary Placement Center of Cocieri appreciates the positive impact on the behavior of the beneficiaries and of the institution’s staff.  […] Such actions have also increased the accountability of the beneficiaries who regularly disturbed the public order (the institution being public), drank alcohol in the institution’s territory, swore, and stole goods and money from the other beneficiaries. Such violations are still occurring but they are fewer compared to the previous period, which is due to the prompt and just intervention of the law enforcement.

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