IDOM Lawyers Participate as Trainers in “Safeguards against Abuses of Persons with Disabilities” Training

On 3 May 2018, the IDOM Lawyers Alexandru Cebanaș, Dumitru Russu and Olesea Doronceanu, together with Maria Ghervas, Judge at the Supreme Court of Justice, and Ion Caracuian, Head of the Torture Combating Section of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova, trained in the training “Safeguards against Abuses of Persons with Disabilities,” organized by the resource Group for Human Rights, with the support of ABA ROLI

The participants were capacitated in the following areas:

  • Legal capacities as a safeguard against abuses of and discrimination against persons with disabilities;
  • Particularities of the evolution of the judicial practice on the recovery of legal capacity by persons declared incapacitated;
  • Measures of contractual and judicial protection of persons with disabilities;
  • Standards of efficient investigation of cases of inhuman treatment involving persons with mental health issues;
  • Particularities of securing and safeguarding the right to defense of persons with mental disabilities.

Pictures from the event:



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