In 2017, IDOM lawyers helped six persons, with psychosocial disabilities, to regain their legal capacity, thus giving them the opportunity to live a fulfilled and independent life, in conditions of dignity and equality for everyone.

The first case was of a man who had been deprived of his legal capacity when he was 18, at the insistence of the guardianship body. He had been deprived of the right to decide for himself, including of the right to marry or seek a job as well as of the rights to decide on his medical treatment, manner of living or planning of his life as a whole. This young man was supported in court by the UN Office for Human Rights and by our organization.

In the second case, a young man was represented in court by IDOM lawyers and with the support of Keystone Moldova. From the moment this young man was declared capable, his life changed. He already lives in the community and has recently got married. See the video report produced by Radio Free Europe:    

In other three cases, the lawyer of IDOM’s Litigation and Advocacy Program represented the interests of three petitioners in the proceedings for regaining their legal capacity. The petitioners, persons with mental disabilities, aged between 22 and 36, had been abandoned at birth and, at a young age, were placed in the Hâncești Boarding House for Children with Mental Disorders. After reaching their major age, the young women were deprived of their legal capacity and the grounds for their deprivation were not based on their incapacity to be reintegrated in the society but rather on the authorities’ incapacity of providing alternatives to the social protection system. During the court hearings of October inst., all the interested persons supported the action and proved that the young women possessed enough life skills and capacities to be reintegrated in the society.

The sixth person was yesterday declared capable by the court. IDOM was again involved in this case and helped her regain her legal capacity.

To recall that in April 2017, the UN Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recommended to the Republic of Moldova to take a number of measures for improving the situation of such persons, one of which referred to the recovery of full legal capacity of all people with disabilities and to having its guardianship system revised, so that to introduce assisted decision-making mechanisms.

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